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[19:05] Name removed: And thank you for your time.

[19:05] Melanie Milland: you’re welcome

[19:05] Name removed: That is just…strange.

[19:06] Melanie Eales: what is?

[19:06] Name removed: You….bouncing back and forth in alts.

[19:06] Melanie Milland: lol

[19:06] Melanie Milland: i have 7 alts

[19:06] Melanie Milland: and 4 pcs

[19:06] Name removed: No..say it isn’t so

[19:07] Name removed: You canplay 4 alts at the same time?

[19:07] Melanie Milland: yes

[19:07] Name removed shivers

[19:07] Melanie Milland: why not

[19:07] Name removed: You are scary.

[19:07] Melanie Milland: just hectic

[19:07] Name removed: Cool, but scary

[19:07] Melanie Milland: at least with me no one ever needs to worry i might be camping

[19:08] Melanie Milland: i’m the mistress of the database anyway

[19:08] Name removed: So I see.

[19:08] Name removed: I am very impressed with you Melanie…it was good to meet you.

Quote of the day

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There are no Globals, please contact your sim administrator

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She saw the future and she was wrong!

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I have seen the future….and it has no level. PDF Print E-mail

Written by Suzanna

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 12:47

There are those in Second Life, that will remain unnamed, that say there are no true innovations left in Second Life. This is because the people who say such nonsense are not innovators, nor have they ever been such.

There are, have been, and will continue to be, true and innovative concepts that will bend and shape how game design is done, in Second Life, and in the game development world in general.

And I believe I am an agent of innovation and change.

I have seen the future of role play gaming in my head, in a vision, as it were. And it has no levels.

It rewards you if you’re offline, and rewards you more if you’re online.

It rewards you for combat, it rewards you for role play. It rewards you for role play combat.

It allows you to develop your character through the time you spend playing the game as your character, and not…amassing a hoard of XP and then gaining one new skill and a handful of skill points for it….but the time you spend becomes those skills and skill points. The game is the experience, not the reason for it.

It allows you to develop a base character archetype in multiple different ways for different investments of your time or”XP” as everyones come to know it.

And best of all, there are no levels. New Characters and Old Characters will still have differences in power, but the new player will be able to quickly adjust to that, simply by focused development to meet specific play style goals that allow them to compete on an even footing with older players.

And older characters will have the freedom to develop depth and difference in their character, through a gigantic assortment of development paths, that will increase their characters personal strengths and unlock access to new and powerful abilities both benign and terrible.

And I can give you this new game, if you will trust me one more time. Be willing to part with your levels, be willing to start fresh and new in a game that may very well make you think CCS as it is now and anything that even remotely resembles it is childs play.

We can do this, as a community, we can keep the old CCS for those that cannot move forward, but we can make a new day and a new vision of role play/combat gaming in Second Life that will, once again, completely re-write how safe zone “combat” is done in SL. And may very well set a new standard for role play gaming, in the gaming industry…in general.

I did this once (twice really, if you think about it) before, I can do it again…..I have seen it, please…just let me do it.


This post, part of the CCS website, is almost 2 years old, shows the future foreseen by the creator of CCS, Suzanna Soyinka. It shows a new reality, a new game, a game where levels are no more, an utopic dream indeed when you look to the present and see a game where players thrive to get higher, to get more powerful, either be levels or skills, and end up paying for it with real money. What? You might ask, yes, players pay real money to get better and more enhanced weapons, they pay for double xp events, new players are taught that if they want to be someone in the game they need to be high levels, and the fast way to make it there is by paying for it.

Pros and Cons of CCS with no levels, as seen by Suzanna:


– No levels means a fair game for everyone

– Players do not get harassed for being low levels

– Players can focus more about the roleplay in hand

– Fighting is no longer the best tool for wannabe roleplayers

– Tournaments are no longer divided by level wise categories

– Clan wars no longer depend on who has more money to buy the best enhanced weapons

– Fights are now more interesting since there is a limit to what you can do

– CCS is now a tool to enhance roleplay and not the other way around

– GMs have more time to roleplay instead of spending hours going over GM reports to dock this and that player


– Less money for Suzanna, since double XP becomes pointless (the biggest part of all income)

– Weapon creators no longer make money from Enhanced Weapons, with that no more money for Suzanna too

– High levels are no more, they cannot harass or do whatever pleases them to low levels

– Sim owners no longer charge players for money while being part of double xp groups/events

– Less sims wanting to remain in CCS, since their owners cannot camp for XP to get stronger than anyone else, and who says owners says also the GMs for those sims

– GMs no longer can be bought (yes this happens in CCS) to prevent docking XP

Anyone, with common sense, can see the pros of doing it would just improve the game, but the cons are a big set back for Suzanna, since money would stop flowing in. Now new players may not remember, but back in 2009 there was a big discontent about races, skills and levels, many players complaining about the big gaps between new arrivals and old school players. This was when Suzanna decided to throw some sand into the eyes of each player, making a suggestion that she knew wouldn’t be seen as a pleasant one for high levels, personal friends of her and mainly weapon creators. The result would be that nothing would change, levels would be kept, money would keep pouring in, and almost two years after this dream of Suzanna, nothing changed! Anyone that understands the game knew it would be like that.

What we ask is, will this future ever be true? There is no need for an answer, since we know the answer is a big round NO, but Suzanna will never admit it and will just postpone it! If players are lucky, she will throw a special event and will make a network wide double xp event to please everyone and make them forget all that is wrong in CCS.

When GMs camp for XP

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The rules say if you are not roleplaying or away you should turn off your meter, if you do not you may be penalized, losing XP or even be banned from CCS for a period of days to follow. Everyone believes that to happen, but would there be an exception to the rule? There is. It is not written down, since it would make everyone doubt the fairness of the game, but we will let you know. So what is the exception to the rule? We all know who enforces the rules, the Game Masters, also known as GM, one would expect them to follow the rules, to punish someone when a rule is broken, to help someone new to the game to understand the rules and follow them but, who controls the GMs in CCS? The answer, no one!

We will use these two pictures as an example, 2 GMs, RedBeauty Lytton and Deanna Tamura and 1 global GM, known to everyone in CCS, the famous, Karoline Merlin herself, standing in a platform up in the sky. At first one would think they would be roleplaying something private, to our surprise they are building for a store they own and chatting OOCly about everything and what not. So we ask, who enforces the rules when it comes to GMs? No one does! GMs are allowed to camp as much as they want, even with the anti-camping system running, they are entitled to have their meters on no matter what they are doing, either be building or just being away from other players that wander the streets seeking to roleplay, they can be in the privacy of a skybox watching a movie in real life while they gather more and more XP. Anyone else would have been punished and had their XP subtracted from their meter and could face a ban.

This is just an example that we were able to get information about, from what we were told not a new event in the life of these players. From all data that got to us, nothing better to make public to everyone what one of the top people in the CCS chain does to keep her high level, when several players suffer daily to gain XP the fair way, following the rules by the book.

We ask where is the justice in CCS? Why are GMs not punished at all by their superiors? Until when will players allow this to continue happening?

We only hope this questions will get an answer one of these days. We will get back to this topic in the future.

All the truth about CCS starts now!

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Hello dear reader,

On this blog you will not read about how beautiful CCS is, as a matter of fact you just might change your mind about, if only you knew what is behind this gaming system and the people that run it. You will get to know people that camped before in CCS, you will read about all the Game Masters do and how they abuse their powers, you will read about how CCS went from a gaming system to a profitable gaming system that does not care about its users but only about the amount of money that comes in. CCS is no longer a gaming system but a mean of making money supported by those that can afford to cheat their way into becoming stronger, meter wise, and make life hard for those that cannot afford to spend money in Second Life. CCS is now a system for the rich and powerful. the same that will do everything to cheat their way into popularity and look to have their name in the hall of fame.

The downfall of CCS started with CCS itself, by caring more about making some players strong, mainly those that do not like to roleplay, and gave them the perfect tool to destroy a system that could have been one of the main tools in SL to promote roleplay. We will talk about what double events are all about, we will talk about how players that more than once were caught camping and are now GMs in different sims, how some even got to be DB GMs. There is a lot to be put out in the open, but know this blog has no intention in destroying the game that brought to Second Life something but new but just to make aware to everyone how it got so bad.

Wikileaks CCS has already enough data to start this project, Wikileaks CCS is run by a group of active and inactive players that are registered in CCS that, after several attempts to keep it a fair game, see no other path but to let everyone know what goes on in the backstage.

Also, if you want to contribute you can email us at, we will keep your identity private and will analyze carefully all data provided before posting.

Thank you for reading and keep tuned in!

The wikileaks CCS team.